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Instruments (Violins, Violas, Cellos)

Quality A – Affettuoso Model
Made of selected quality wood from China, fine antique style finish, excellent workmanship.

Fittings: Vn/Va: Ebony accessories, bridge.
               Vc: Ebony pegs, carbon fiber endpin.
Sizes: Violins 4/4,   Violas 40.6cm (16"), 39.5cm (15.5"), 38cm (15"),   Cellos 4/4.
          Violins 7/8,   Violas 41.9cm (16.5"),   Cellos 7/8, and unvarnished (white) instruments are available to order.
Violins 4/4 are available in:

Strad Violin 4/4        Affettuoso Stradivarius Violin 4/4, www.sielam.comAffettuoso Stradivarius Violin 4/4, Affettuoso Stradivarius Violin 4/4,
Guarneri Violin 4/4  Affettuoso Guarneri Violin 4/4, www.sielam.comAffettuoso Guarneri Violin 4/4, Affettuoso Guarneri Violin 4/4,

Instruments in white (unvarnished) are available to order.unvarnished violins from www.sielam.comunvarnished violins from
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Affettuoso Stradivarius Violin,

Violas 40.6cm (16"), 39.5cm (15.5"), 38cm (15") are available in:

Guarneri  Affettuoso Guarneri Viola, www.sielam.comAffettuoso Guarneri Viola, Affettuoso Guarneri Viola,
Strad         Affettuoso Stradivarous Viola, www.sielam.comAffettuoso Stradivarous Viola, Affettuoso Stradivarous Viola,

Instruments in white (unvarnished) are available to order.unvarnished violas from www.sielam.comunvarnished violas from
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Affettuoso Guarneri Viola,

Cellos 4/4 are available in:

Strad           Affettuoso Stradivarius CelloAffettuoso Stradivarius Cello Affettuoso Stradivarius Cello

Instruments in white (unvarnished) are available to order.unvarnished cellos from www.sielam.comunvarnished cellos from
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Affettuoso Stradivarius Cello

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